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Welcome to Eldvakt Sweden AB


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Extinguisher Sweet green
895.00 Kr 495.00 Kr
Extingusiher Garage red
895.00 Kr 495.00 Kr
Extinguisher Cupcake Pink
895.00 Kr 495.00 Kr
Extinguisher black garage
895.00 Kr 495.00 Kr
Welcome to Eldvakt Sweden AB - Designed Fire Extinguishers for the Home, Car & Boat
2kg powder extinguisher - For private use only

WARRANTY: Our extinguishers has the Fireclass of the European standard and are CE certified and tested according to European Standard EN3. When you purchasing a fire extinguisher from Eldvakt you will receive a two-year product warranty. You will also receive a separate fire guarantee on 2 years, which means if you use your fire extinguisher during a fire you will get a new one! Read more about guarantees in our terms and conditions.

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